Malka Diamonds & Jewelry – A full-service boutique shop in the heart of Downtown, Portland

Malka Diamonds & Jewelry is a next-generation family business who prides itself on expertise in a high quality, low-key downtown shop.  We are known for our state-of-the-art full service jewelry shop as well as our incredibly large inventory of new styles and fashions as well as antique and vintage rings.  All design work and appraisals are done on site by our professional staff.  When you buy or sell jewelry at Malka Diamonds and Jewelry you will work with the owners.  You will also get to know the designers, jewelers and appraisers that take pride in their work.  You will leave trusting that the quality of our product, pricing and craftsmanship can not be beat.

The MALKA Team is locally owned by the husband+ wife team of David and Ronnie Malka.  David is a 3rd generation diamondteer, a graduate of the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and one of only a few graduate geologists in the Portland area.  As founder of Independent Gemological Services, he is a recognized local authority on gem identification as well as diamond and color stone grading.  Ronnie Malka brings an exceptional background in customer service.  Her honestly is enjoyable and she brings a refreshing female perspective.  Joining the husband and wife team are two exceptional jewelers.  David Stanwood and Tessa Crowther are amazing bench jewelers who work full-time at Malka Diamonds and continue to craft the exceptional everyday.