Mark & Janet Are Engaged! A Modern Ring For A Fabulous Lady!

Engaged!We are thrilled to blog about these two sweethearts!  Meet Mark & Janet.  Janet, a close friend to the Malka family, has amazed us with her ability to do it all!  Janet is a mother of two wonderful children and manages a fast-growing business all on her own.  When Janet met Mark it was love at first sight.  Mark is a true gem.  He not only loves his bride-to-be but is enamored by the two kids who he has come to love as his own.  Janet came to Malka Diamonds with some pictures of rings she loved.  She was drawn to a thick yellow gold band with diamonds through out. Without her consent we went ahead and custom-made this yellow gold band with a spinning channel-set of diamonds around it.  We contacted Mark when the piece was complete.  Mark came in and picked up the ring the day before their family road trip to California.  On their way back from a memorable trip they stopped and admired an old tree.  photo 9While the kids were climbing the tree, Mark proposed.  Janet said yes, and so did the kids!  We are so thrilled for these two and know the future looks wonderful for the whole family. IMG_2430

Summer Camp Sweet Hearts Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary!

photo 8So many kids are heading off to sleep away camp this month.  They probably do not realize that there is a chance they might fall in love and perhaps be fortunate to celebrate a 50th year anniversary with huge smiles.  Meet Ruth & Ron.  It was over 50 years ago when these two lovebirds met and fell in love during their time at sleep away camp.  Fast forward 50 years and these two are filled with love all around them.  Children and grandchildren surround them as they celebrate this amazing milestone.

photo 6Ron came into Malka Diamonds & Jewelry to create a piece that would mark this amazing moment in their lives.    When Ron asked his daughter, Lisa for some advice, she reminded him about the bracelet her mom fell in love with on their recent travels.  We worked with both father and daughter to make a bracelet that is inspired by a gold snake cuff, but has birthstones throughout to represent the people in their lives.  We are so honored to work on a piece like this.  Congratulations to Ruth & Ron!  Here’s to summer camp and summer loves!

50th Anniversary

Zeghani By Simon G Has Arrived At Malka Diamonds

We, at Malka Diamonds, are pleased to announce that the Zeghani bridal collection by Simon G has arrived! Zeghani is a sought-after bridal line which features exceptionally crafted fine jewelry.  Simon G is a household name that continues to be a leading bridal line since they launched their first line.  Zeghani is one of the collections that is housed at Simon G and is made to reach all budgets. The highly coveted company chose Malka Diamonds as one of the few jewelry stores in the Northwest to house their stunning and classic bridal line.  We are honored and could not be happier.  Check out some of the beautiful engagement rings that are settling into our Malka Diamond & Jewelry cases by clicking the link ( latest collection page ) or heading to bySimon GZeghani by Simon G

Vintage Or New.. Which Tennis Bracelet Would You Choose?

During the last few days at Malka Diamonds, with the morning sun shining into our jewelry cases, we watch our diamond tennis bracelets sparkle.  The first image shown below is a stunning Art Deco tennis bracelet which was hand crafted in the 1920s.  It houses over 5 carats of diamonds and is bezeled set with milligrain work throughout.  This beauty is found in our vintage and antique collection.  The second image is of a 10 carat total weight diamond tennis bracelet which was made recently and is prong-set.  This style setting showcases the diamonds with minimum metal shown.

These in-line diamond bracelets have been around for decades, but were officially named in the 1980s.  Prior to then, They were refered to as diamond or eternity bracelets.  In 1987 Chris Evert, the former World No. 1 woman tennis player and the winner of 18 Grand Slam singles titles, was playing in the U.S. Open. She was wearing an elegant, light in-line diamond bracelet which accidentally broke and the match was interrupted to allow Chris to recover her precious diamonds. The “tennis bracelet” incident sparked a new name for the item and sparked a huge jewelry trend. Tennis bracelets continued to be worn by various tennis stars like Serena Williams and Gabriela Sabatini.

art deco 1920s tennis bracelet

diamond tennis bracelet

A Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring For A Memorial Day Proposal!

vintage inspired engagement ring

This vintage-inspired white gold engagement ring was in our shop, Malka Diamonds & Jewelry for a few hours before a soon-to-be-groom snatched it for his upcoming marriage proposal.

We recently picked up Jolie designs, a well-made vintage-inspired line for our jewelry case.  The line resembles many of the intricate work that was displayed in the early 20s to the late 40s.  It showcases impeccable milgrain & filigree work and includes designs that have been coveted for the last 100 years.

Our soon-to-be-groom, came in last week looking for a new piece that had some vintage flare.  He found this stunning ring and without hesitation said, yes!  This morning he returned to see the stunning one carat diamond he had picked out set in his ring.  His smile said it all.  When asked when he might pop the question, he said, “Memorial Day on a great hike in the Gorge”.  We can’t wait to hear the details.  Sounds like this Memorial Day weekend will be memorable for him and his soon-to-be fiance.

A 63rd Birthday Gift For A Wonderful Lady

diamond fashion ring

Our good friends, a mother/daughter duo,  came into Malka Diamonds a few months back with an intriguing  project.  They wanted to take the  mother’s diamond and reset it into something she would treasure..  We searched through our inventory and our collection of images to create  a unique piece that she would enjoy wearing for years to come.  Both of her daughters came with her and suggested ideas of their own.  The final result was a  collaborative effort–her daughter envisioned a ring to which we added some custom changes.  Yesterday both mom and daughter came  to downtown Portland to pick up the ring.  They loved it!  It was ready  just in time for her to wear as she celebrates her 64th birthday

Jenny McCarthy & Donnie Wahlberg Are Engaged!

Congratulations are in order for Jenny McCarthy who announced her engagement to Donnie Wahlberg on The View!  The actress showed off her stunning yellow sapphire engagement ring as she told the viewers about the intimate proposal.  Donnie, one of our favorite New Kids on The Block singers, proposed to Jenny in front of her son at their home.  He gave her a card that read,”Will” and then pulled another card that read, “You” and at that point Jenny knew.  The last card read, “Marry” and last he got down on one knee and said “Me”.  She said yes and the two along with her son started to cry.  When we first looked at this ring, we were quickly reminded of a custom yellow canary diamond ring we created last year.  Take a look at this video for a refresher.

images Unknown

Custom Engraved Modern Pendant @ Malka Diamonds

Custom Engraved PendantLast Thursday, we delivered this modern, symbolic pendant to one of our loyal customers.  He and his wife came in to pick up her recent remounted ring and they both were thrilled.  Later that day, he came in on his own still thrilled with the recent new ring and eager to create a new piece for his wife. The pendant would need to look good with the new ring and at the same time represent his two daughters.  We did several sketches together and found a modern and sleek design for a “M” which symbolizes both daughters, Molly & Megan.  He returned to Malka Diamonds a week later with one of his daughters to confirm the wax.  The father-daughter duo loved it and requested 14 karat white gold for their choice in metal.  The last stage was engraving.  We had our hand engraver inscribe the names “Molly” & “Megan” on the back.

photo 2 copy

Seattle Couple Picks Up Their Vintage Inspired Custom Ring

seattle coupleEmily and Keian came down a few weeks ago from Seattle.  They worked with both David and Ronnie Malka, owners of Malka Diamonds of Portland Oregon.  We looked through our vintage and antique enggement rings.  We also spent some time looking at our large european-cut diamond inventory.  Once the 1.60 carat european-cut diamond stone was chosen we came up with some options for Emily’s ring.  She really wanted to capture the look of one of our 1920s Art Deco wedding rings but also wanted to add her own pattern to the band.  We decided to go the custom route with this one.  We first carved a wax to mimic a vintage ring she adored in our case.  We then had our jeweler engrave the pattern she sent us.  Last we casted the piece in 14 karat white gold.

vintage-inspired custom engagement ring

This adorable couple came in last Saturday to pick up their one-of-a-kind vintage inspired engagement ring.  It was such a pleasure to see their smiles once they saw the piece in a Malka Jewelry box.  Congratulations Emily & Keian, from your favorite Portland jewelers!