Custom Engraved Modern Pendant @ Malka Diamonds

Custom Engraved PendantLast Thursday, we delivered this modern, symbolic pendant to one of our loyal customers.  He and his wife came in to pick up her recent remounted ring and they both were thrilled.  Later that day, he came in on his own still thrilled with the recent new ring and eager to create a new piece for his wife. The pendant would need to look good with the new ring and at the same time represent his two daughters.  We did several sketches together and found a modern and sleek design for a “M” which symbolizes both daughters, Molly & Megan.  He returned to Malka Diamonds a week later with one of his daughters to confirm the wax.  The father-daughter duo loved it and requested 14 karat white gold for their choice in metal.  The last stage was engraving.  We had our hand engraver inscribe the names “Molly” & “Megan” on the back.

photo 2 copy

Seattle Couple Picks Up Their Vintage Inspired Custom Ring

seattle coupleEmily and Keian came down a few weeks ago from Seattle.  They worked with both David and Ronnie Malka, owners of Malka Diamonds of Portland Oregon.  We looked through our vintage and antique enggement rings.  We also spent some time looking at our large european-cut diamond inventory.  Once the 1.60 carat european-cut diamond stone was chosen we came up with some options for Emily’s ring.  She really wanted to capture the look of one of our 1920s Art Deco wedding rings but also wanted to add her own pattern to the band.  We decided to go the custom route with this one.  We first carved a wax to mimic a vintage ring she adored in our case.  We then had our jeweler engrave the pattern she sent us.  Last we casted the piece in 14 karat white gold.

vintage-inspired custom engagement ring

This adorable couple came in last Saturday to pick up their one-of-a-kind vintage inspired engagement ring.  It was such a pleasure to see their smiles once they saw the piece in a Malka Jewelry box.  Congratulations Emily & Keian, from your favorite Portland jewelers!

Edwardian Heirloom Ring Restored To Perfection

halo bezel ringThis stunning 4.25 carat blue zircon with diamonds throughout was recently restored at Malka Diamonds in downtown Portland.  The vintage ring dates back to the Edwardian era.  It  amazes us that this ring’s style is similar to styles that are currently popular.  Both the halo diamond surrounding the center as well as the diamond being  bezel-set have been two of the most popular styles in the last few years.   Our good friend and customer came in with her great grandmother’s ring that was gifted to her two years ago by her mother.  She had been wanting to restore the ring so that she could wear it in memory of her grandmother who had recently passed away.  We felt honored to be chosen to work on such an important family heirloom.  Although the project took longer than expected because we needed to  refacet the stone, it was expertly done.    As soon as it was finished,  our customer came right over.  She was amazed at the transformation.  It is a true honor to work on family heirlooms and we are touched that she put her trust in Malka Diamonds.


A Touching Proposal With A Custom Three-Stone Diamond Engagement Ring!

Our customer, John, recently emailed us that he had proposed to Emily, his now fiancé, who replied, “Yes!”  We worked with John on a custom three-stone diamond engagement ring.  It was a pleasure to work with him and a treat to get the following engagement story…

John & emily

“We began our relationship together on January 11th 2013.   After this past Christmas break, we were planning on having a special date to recognize being together for one year.  I made arrangements to have dinner at our friends’ house where we actually had our first date almost a year ago.  I did not initially tell her the details of what we would be doing but everyday I gave her a clue concerning where we would be going, with whom we would be, and what we would be doing.  As soon as Emily returned, it was clear that she knew what was about to happen.  I briefly recounted the changes in our relationship as  I placed the ring I had custom-created at Malka Diamonds on her finger.

three-stone ring

I got down on one knee and said, “Emily, will you marry me?” and she said, “Yes!” and quietly exclaimed.  ”We’re going to get married!”

Thank you John for sharing your story and photos with Malka Diamonds & Jewelry.  We are honored to be part of this amazing time in your lives.  We are looking forward to meeting Emily soon.Portland Propsal

A Monogram Yellow Gold Pendant @ Malka Diamonds

We recently worked on this stunning 14 karat yellow gold monogram pendant.  At Malka Diamonds, we work with some amazing vendors.  One of these vendora creates these unique and stylish pendants in yellow, white or rose gold.  They are also available in gold-plated.  Our customer wanted her initals monogramed into a large 1.25″ size.  She chose to go with the more modern block design.  Once her piece arrived from the vendor, we added a little extra to give it a custom feel.  We sandblasted the finish and set a small diamond in the corner.  I liked this piece so much, I bought the cursive monogram design  for myself.  I opted for the gold-plated which makes it an affordable and unique necklace that I will enjoy wearing.

14 Karat gold Mongram Pendant

cursive monogram pendant

Oval Rose Cut Diamond Engagment Ring, A Unique & Elegant Piece

There is a much to learn about diamonds.  To begin, you must learn about the most popular diamond cut, the modern round brilliant.  It has a set of charcteristics that are refered to as the “4 Cs” and David Malka, our residence gemologist from Gemological Institute of America would be happy to explain them to you in detail.   The round brilliant  cut is only one of many modern cuts.  In addition to the new cuts, there are several old cuts that have been used since the beginning of diamond cutting.  The older cuts have their own sets of rules as well.  Lucky for us, David knows them all.  This is quite helpful since we carry diamonds that date from the 1890s to 2013.

Recently, we had a customer come in to our downtown Portland jewelry shop who was looking for an oval rose-cut diamond.  The technique of cutting rose-cut diamonds dates back to the early 1500s and is still used today.  This form of cutting is extremely rare and usually entails a diamond with a flat base, circular outer edge, and triangular facets that create a crown.  The shape of a rose-cut diamond resembles the petals of a rose bud.  It just so happens that we had exactly what he was looking for.  He wanted to set this stunning unique stone in a custom-made yellow gold bezel solitaire.  Take a look at the images of wax mold to finish ring.   This beautiful result combines an old method of diamond cutting with a modern clean-looking ring.  Brilliant!  Congratulations to you both!

custom yellow gold rose-cut oval diamond bezel ring1.00 carat oval rose-cut diamond set in a 14 karat yellow gold custom bezel ring




Local Artist, Ahuva Zaslavsky, Shows Portland From Above


ahuvaAhuva Zaslavsky, a Portland artist and loyal friend of Malka Diamonds will be showing her work at Prima Salon in the Pearl District.  Beginning Monday November 18th,  Ahuva’s work will be on display until January 2014.

As someone who grew up experiencing different area of climate, culture and architecture, Ahuva is fascinated everyday by the urban landscape and the Portland weather. Her art reflects her affinity to both the grey and autumn colors in the urban landscape. She has a strong interest in the different perspectives of the city from above. “I want to show the known from a different angle” says Ahuva. In addition, she emphasizes the trivial, industrial day-to-day of Portland as an artistic object.

Ahuva uses two main mediums – drawing in ink and colored markers on paper and encaustic – beeswax painting. There is an inherent conflict between the two mediums: the first is accurate, hard and sharp , and the second is more flexible and abstract. These are two sides of the artist reflected through her work.
In the last few years, Malka Diamonds has commissioned Ahuva to draw rings from our vintage and antique collection.  All of the Art Deco engagement rings that Ahuva drew have sold and we have included the portrait as a keepsake.  We most recently commissioned Ahuva to create a drawing of our downtown Portland jewelry shop.  She scaled the building and store front to showcase both the details in our shop as well as the beauty of the historical Hamilton building.  Thank you for creating amazing pieces for us and our customers.  We know your upcoming showing will be a huge success.

Art Deco Vintage Engagement RingDiamond District Jewelry Shop








A Family Heirloom Is Restored @ Malka Diamonds

Emily & CalebCaleb & Emily, Portland Engaged Couple found us on yelp when they were looking for an independent jewelry store in Portland Oregon.  The two were in search for a shop that could restore a family heirloom.  When Emily & Caleb came in to Malka Diamonds it was clear that they were very excited about their recent engagement.  Caleb told us how he proposed.  He mentioned that he asked Emily on a hike one gorgeous sunny Oregon day and Emily, of course, said yes.Caleb & Emily  Caleb proposed with his grandmother’s diamond engagement ring.  The piece was in need of some restoration and sizing.  We started to work on it quickly so that the two could show it to family on their upcoming trip.

Diamond Engagment RingCaleb mentioned to his mom that he had found a jeweler in Portland that was taking care of the ring.  While we were working on the ring we received the below note about the ring.  We always love to hear the history of heirlooms.  When they came in to pick it up, they were blown away.  Congratulations Caleb & Emily!  We are so thrilled for you both and thank you for allowing Malka Diamonds to work on your family ring.

“I want to thank you for taking care of Caleb and Emily and my mother’s diamond engagement ring.  I just spoke to Caleb and he described the work you will do to transform the ring into exactly what they want it to be.  It is a very exciting time and a very meaningful experience for all of us. My parents were engaged and married in Attleboro, Massachusetts and my father was in the jewelry manufacturing business. I wish I had a bit more history on the diamond but I think my grandfather got it from a jeweler friend. I had it informally appraised in Greenfield MA a few years ago. I know it is not a “big” diamond, but I think it is a very nice one. The setting it is in is not the original. My sister and my parents went mining in Montana around 1975 and my sister found a sapphire and my mother gave her the original setting for the stone she found. The current setting for the diamond is very 1970s in style wouldn’t you say? My parents were married in 1944. I can’t wait to see Emily’s engagement ring and thank you again for taking it on.  Sincerely, Betsy Antaya, Caleb’s mom”