Stunning Ring, Stunning Couple & A Stunning Proposal!

There is a special place in all of our Oregonian hearts for our beloved Timbers.  They have brought soccer to Portland and we all agree that Portland has not been the same since!  So, of course, when Pablo Moreira, one of the coaches for the Timbers394943_10100536494667572_345332958_n came into Malka Diamonds & Jewelry, we were a little excited.  David and Pablo hit it off right away and by the time Pablo returned he came bearing gifts, a Timbers shirt for his new jeweler.  The two guys worked together for many hours discussing Pablo’s future fiance’s ring.  The stone was a 4.0 carat which was set in a custom-made rose gold diamond solitaire. photo 4 Although Pablo traveled quiet a bit during this process, David and him texted and even face timed each step.  When Pablo came into pick up the final piece he lost it.  He was so thrilled that he ended up hugging David at least a handful of times.  The proposal story was over the top.  Pablo coordinated with the Nines Hotel to have white rose petals lead his future fiance up to the second floor.  He then hired the team photographer to capture the moment when she reached the empty white chair and sat down.  Pablo entered the room shortly after and got down on one knee in front of her and proposed.  After the amazing proposal, the new engaged couple was greated by a crowd of their closes friends and family in a near by space.  The night became their engagment party and they were both glowing and smiling from ear to ear.  Congratulations to you both!  Malka Diamonds is honored to be part of such a beautiful moment!

   Timber Soccer LoveX017

A Tribute To Our Veterans @ Malka Diamonds

military dog tagsAs we honor our veterans, Malka Diamonds is thinking back to the many veterans we have worked with over the five last years.  We have had engagements in the air force and marines.  We have helped a new father send a gift to his wife on their baby’s birth.  We also have had the privilege to create a custom piece in honor of a special veteran.  The image to the left is a dog tag that was brought in by a member of the veteran’s family.  The hope was to make 6 duplicates of the tag as a memorial piece.  First, we took the original and created a cold mold of the tag.  We then created 6 wax copies from the original mold.  Last, we casted five in silver and one in yellow gold.  The pieces came out perfectly. Malka Diamonds is honored to take a part in projects like this one.  We also would like to honor David Malka who served in the Israeli Army.

photo 4Thank you to all our Veterans for keeping us safe!

San Francisco Engagement Starts At Malka Diamonds

cwvDm9asA3Lw9bN3Afl5esWDJpoIt was a few month ago when we first connected with Ben.  Ben was referred to us by a few mutual friends and was hoping to create a custom rose-gold engagement ring for his soon-to-be fiancé, Jenny.  Ben resides in San Francisco and although we came highly recommended, he wasn’t sure what the process would be given the distance between California and Oregon.   At first, he planned to come up for an initial visit: take a close look at some diamonds.  However, after getting to know us over the phone, text, email, and Facetime he decided to stay in San Francisco and let Malka Diamonds do their magic. Through the process we met Ben’s sister-in-law who gave him the reassurance that we were crafting an exceptional ring for Jenny.


Rose Gold Diamond Halo









Last week, we delivered the stunning 1.52 carat oval diamond set in a custom rose gold halo engagement ring to Ben’s brother.  He was given the resposibilty of delivering the ring.  Ben’s entire family was heading down to California to see the couple and be part of a surprise wedding proposal.

Rose Gold Oval Diamond RingCongratulations, Jenny & Ben!  We hope to meet you both in person in Portland.  Thank you for giving us the honor of being part of this memorable moment!




Beautiful Couple, Stunning Wedding & An Equiste Quilted Table Runner!

Art Deco Vintage RingMeet Adam & Hilary.  We first met Adam when he came into Malka Diamonds & Jewelry in downtown Portland, Oregon.  Adam brought in an heirloom diamond.  It was a beautiful stone that had been in his family for generations.  He came in looking for an engagement ring to set the diamond in.  David and Adam worked together looking through several ring styles. They realized quickly that Hilary should come in and help Adam find the perfect ring.  We set the stone in a temporary setting and Adam proposed on February 19th, 2013.  Hilary said yes!  The two came in to Malka Diamonds together to look for a permanent setting.  Adam pointed out a vintage art deco ring and the two fell in love with it immediately.   We removed the original stone and set Adam’s family diamond.

1920s Art DecoThe wedding took place on June 21, 2014.  Adam and Hilary exchanged their vows at the Lewis River Course in Woodland, Washington.  The weather could not have been better.  Hilary and her mom worked hard to create a wedding that was not only gorgeous but memorable.  They had quite a few handmade items including jars of strawberry and blackberry jam as favors and an exquisite quilt. Hilary used colors from the wedding (coral & mint green) to sew an amazing quilted table runner.  The table runner was used at the stunning wedding for the guest book table.  The ring shown in this blog is set on top of the equiste quilted table runner.

The couple continues to use this table runner in their home.  It is a new heirloom that they created and it represents their special day.  We are honored to be part of this amazing moment in Hilary & Adam’s lives.  Congratulations to the both of you!

A Stranger Catches This Breathtaking Utah Engagement!

Utah EngagmentIt was just yesterday when Jon & Heidi came into Malka Diamonds in downtown Portland Oregon.  The two were smiling from ear to ear.  They had just returned from a memorable trip to Moab, Utah.  They shared their story with us and we were blown away.  We asked them to send over some pictures and details about the engagement.  Here is what Jon sent this morning….”A little bit about our proposal story…Heidi and I had a week vacation in Moab, Utah last week and I knew I wanted to propose on one of the hikes in the National Parks there. Last Wednesday we decided to go on a hike to one of the more notable rock arches in Arches National Park and I decided sometime on this 3 mile hike I would propose…preferably in front of the arch with a beautiful vista. Neither of us had ever been here so we had no idea of the beauty of it. The hike up towards the arch was full of beautiful red rock and canyon views and felt like we were hiking to the top of the world. We came around a bend on the trail and then there was Delicate Arch in front of us….breathtaking, enormous, and with a perfect blue sky and scenery behind it. Arches National Park, UtahI knew this was the place. I had Heidi and I walk towards the arch and told her I wanted to get a picture of us. It so happened that on the walk over, a man asked us if we would like him to take a picture of us. I said yes and after Heidi was posed for the photo I reached down in my backpack and picked up the ring that was hidden in its box with some hiking socks wrapped around it. I got down on my knee and proposed….Heidi was so surprised and full of joy…and said yes. Our photographer stranger/friend was equally surprised but took several photos of the proposal which we’re so lucky to have. Heidi loves the ring we got at your store..”  Thank you Jon & Heidi for sharing this magical moment with us.  We are honored to be part of this engagement utah amazing story.  Congratulations to you both on your recent engagement.  We can’t wait to see the wedding pictures! – David & Ronnie Malka

Calling All Ducks… Adorable Couple Gets Engaged On Hayward Field!

Taylor & Lauren

Meet Taylor and Lauren.  Taylor came in to Malka Diamonds in downtown Portland looking for an engagement ring.  He wanted it to be something truly special for his soon-to-be fiance, Lauren.  We looked at the selection of rings in the showroom and he was strongly considering one ring.  It was a pretty ring with some unique components on the sides but he didn’t love the way the center diamond was set.  Lucky for Taylor, Malka Diamonds can do it all.  We removed the original 4-prong setting and placed the diamond in a bezel setting.  10417596_906104209417216_7606069226315795070_n




We then had our exceptional jeweler, David Stanwood, add bead work to the bezel.  The result is this amazing one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring.Meet Lauren.  Lauren came in to our shop glowing.  The two had just returned home from Eugene.  Lauren shared with us the story of their engagement.  Seems Taylor was able to get the gate of Hayward Field, the UO track and field, open for a private visit.  The two reminisced about the many hours they spent running for the UO team.  Taylor then proposed with this stunning ring and Lauren said, Yes!  The two are now happily engaged and are starting to plan the wedding.  Thank you for including Malka Diamonds in this amazing time in your lives.



Rose Gold Engagment Rings In The City Of Roses!

This custom-crafted rose gold ring was recently created at Malka Diamonds in downtown Portland.  It was delivered this morning and is heading on a glorious Oregon hike this weekend.  It will be the focal point when our groom-to-be gets down on one knee to propose to love of his life.  We have had several Oregon hike proposals this summer.  In addition, there has been a rising demand for rose gold in the City of Roses!  This low-profile,14-karat rose gold engagement ring is the sixth rose gold piece we have done in the last two months.

Rose Gold is not a new metal in the jewelry world.  It was first introduced in Russia in the 19th century and spread quickly because of its desired hue of pinkish red resembling the rose.  As we know, pure gold in its natural state is yellow.  To reach a rose or white gold our jeweler combines alloys like copper and rhodium to the gold to reach the color desired.  This bezeled three-stone ring covers the entire face of the ring while the hammered band giving the sides unique interest.  We have made a few variations of it using different metal colors.    Take a look at these two similar custom three-stone engagement rings.  Which color metal do you prefer?

rose gold engagment ringwhite gold engagement ring

Big, Yellow And Fabulous! 5.02 Carat Yellow Diamond Finds A Home!

A few weeks ago, Malka Diamonds posted this image yellow intense diamondof a green wax ring with a 5.02 carat yellow fancy-intense emerald-cut diamond.  The side stones are 2.31 carat total weight custom-cut trapezoid diamonds.  We promised to take a picture of this beauty once it was complete.  This ring is over the top in so many ways.  The first is its size.  Most diamonds sold here in Portland do not exceed the two carat mark.  This one is big, weighing 5.02 carats.  The second is the color.  This stone is the second highest grade of yellow which is fancy intense.  The only grade above it is so rare it is hard to come in contact with.  The last, is its unique shape.  The emerald cut is a classic shape that shows off all its beauty.  The stone has to be absolutely perfect to show like this one because emerald-cut diamonds don’t hide anything.  This spectacular piece is being delivered this afternoon and is going to a special gal for her upcoming 65th birthday!  yellow diamond

Mark & Janet Are Engaged! A Modern Ring For A Fabulous Lady!

Engaged!We are thrilled to blog about these two sweethearts!  Meet Mark & Janet.  Janet, a close friend to the Malka family, has amazed us with her ability to do it all!  Janet is a mother of two wonderful children and manages a fast-growing business all on her own.  When Janet met Mark it was love at first sight.  Mark is a true gem.  He not only loves his bride-to-be but is enamored by the two kids who he has come to love as his own.  Janet came to Malka Diamonds with some pictures of rings she loved.  She was drawn to a thick yellow gold band with diamonds through out. Without her consent we went ahead and custom-made this yellow gold band with a spinning channel-set of diamonds around it.  We contacted Mark when the piece was complete.  Mark came in and picked up the ring the day before their family road trip to California.  On their way back from a memorable trip they stopped and admired an old tree.  photo 9While the kids were climbing the tree, Mark proposed.  Janet said yes, and so did the kids!  We are so thrilled for these two and know the future looks wonderful for the whole family. IMG_2430

Summer Camp Sweet Hearts Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary!

photo 8So many kids are heading off to sleep away camp this month.  They probably do not realize that there is a chance they might fall in love and perhaps be fortunate to celebrate a 50th year anniversary with huge smiles.  Meet Ruth & Ron.  It was over 50 years ago when these two lovebirds met and fell in love during their time at sleep away camp.  Fast forward 50 years and these two are filled with love all around them.  Children and grandchildren surround them as they celebrate this amazing milestone.

photo 6Ron came into Malka Diamonds & Jewelry to create a piece that would mark this amazing moment in their lives.    When Ron asked his daughter, Lisa for some advice, she reminded him about the bracelet her mom fell in love with on their recent travels.  We worked with both father and daughter to make a bracelet that is inspired by a gold snake cuff, but has birthstones throughout to represent the people in their lives.  We are so honored to work on a piece like this.  Congratulations to Ruth & Ron!  Here’s to summer camp and summer loves!

50th Anniversary